Welcome to the 1st City of Aberdeen Scout Group Centenary Archive.

This site is intended for members and friends of the 1st Aberdeen Scout Group and for those with an interest in Scouting history.

The web site is an extra following on from an offer to give the group a searchable archive of all their documents, albums, log books, and minutes, for the Groups Centenary in 2008.

It has always been a worry that this huge store of history was at risk from deterioration, fire, or just getting lost, it is now stored securely at various sites and on this web site.

The site is not yet complete and further historical additions will be made over the coming months as the archiving proceeds, also photographs of new events will be posted on the site.

For further information on this site, or to become a registered user, please contact us through our contact page.

We welcome any additional information on the group and again offers of additional material should be made through the contact page.


Images in this archive may be used for Non commercial purposes only, and permission should be sought by contacting the group through the contact page for permission to use any pictures, an acknowledgement would be appreciated.

We are always looking for new archive material from the 1st Aberdeen Scout Group, and if you have some new material, please contact us through the contact page for details of how to submit the material to us.

We would like to thank everybody who has given so freely of their time in archiving the material and constructing this web site.


Special thanks are due to Andy Torrance, who constructed the site, and tutored us in its use and to "SITECUT", the web design company who have enabled the site and given us a very user friendly site.   (www.sitecut.co.uk )